Wednesday, October 14, 2020



“Petal Power Coaster”

Designer: Aurora Suominen/DragonFlyMomof2 Designs©2019

Hook: H/5.0mm Yarn: Cotton Yarn/ Finished Size: About 6.5” petal to petal


~Abbreviations/Stitches Used: St(s)=Stitch(es): Include the following sts

Rnd=Round          Ch=Chain Slst=Slip Stitch          Sk=SkiP          Sc=Single Crochet                          FL=Front Lp          Fp=Front Post      Dc=Double Crochet   Lps=Loops         

Leftover Lps=The back lps that are left unworked from working in the flps of previous rnd              _______________________________________________________________         

~Notes: Join: W/slst in beg st. Instructions between the [to] are repeated around.

Rnd 1: Ch4, work 11dc in 4th ch from hook, join.  (12dc)

Rnd 2: (Ch3, dc), work 2dc in each st around, join. (24dc)

Rnd 3: (Ch3, dc) in joining st, 2dc in next 2sts. [Sc in next st, 2dc in next 3sts] Repeat around ending w/sc in last st, join in fl of first dc.  (36dc, 6sc)

Rnd 4: (Ch1, sc) in joining lp, sc in next fl. [2sc in next 2lps, sc in next 2lps, fpsc in next sc, sc in next 2lps] Repeat around, ending w/a fpsc in last sc. (8sc in each petal=48sc & 6fpsc)

Rnds 5 & 7 are worked in the leftover loops behind work, The first leftover lp fl is hard to see, for me it helps to count the leftover lps from left to right and then work the first st, lp counts will be listed in the beginning.

Rnd 5:  6lps behind each petal. [(Behind work) dc in next 2 leftover lp, 2dc in next 2 leftover lps, dc in next 2 leftover lps, fpsc in next fpst (in front of work)] Repeat around, join in fl of 1st dc.  (48dc & 6fpsc)

Rnd 6: (Ch1, sc) in same lp, sc in next 2fls.  [2Sc in next 2fls, sc in next 3fls, fpsc in next fpst. Sc in 3lps] Repeat around ending w/fpsc in last sc. (10sc in each petal=60sc & 6fpsc)

Rnd 7: 8 lps behind each petal. [(Behind work, dc in next 2flps, 2dc in next 4lps, dc in next 2lps, fpsc in next fpst] Repeat around, join in first dc, fasten off and weave in the ends.  (72dc & 6fpst)

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